As stated in the UKSPF Prospectus, lead local authorities should now be engaging with local stakeholders in preparation for the investment plan submission window, which opens on 30 June 2022.

Some lead local authorities have been incredibly proactive since the launch of the prospectus when liaising with local stakeholders, however, some have unfortunately not been as effective. As ERSA has recommended many times before, our members should contact their local lead authorities and offer to help with their investment plans.

The next couple of weeks will be the last time to influence submission plans and get access to the replacement of European funding, this is particularly important if your ESF-funded projects end before 2024 and you are entitled to the voluntary sector considerations.

ERSA has collected some of the documents that have been sent out by lead local authorities for local stakeholders to fill out. We have subsequently made our own template for organisations to fill out and send to their contacts at their lead authorities as a final push before the submission window opens.

Download or view the template here  UKSPF Project Ideas Template

If you have any further enquiries, please contact