Employability Day 2023 takes place on Friday 30 June. This year’s theme is: #WorkingForBetterWork.

The UK labour market is transforming in front of us. 4.4 million people worked in the gig economy last year; working from home is now the norm for many sectors of the economy; in-work poverty and universal credit; economic inactivity and the flight of older people from the labour market; green jobs and emerging technologies.

The work ERSA members have done over the past decade has kept long-term unemployment down, supported millions of people to overcome their barriers to work. ERSA members have created a community of employability specialists all over the UK and have done the difficult job of keeping the labour market developing effectively even during times that are challenging.

At the core of ERSA’s members is their drive and determination to create solutions for a fairer labour market. Over twenty years, the sector has developed their offer alongside huge changes in society and economy. Supporting a person’s journey to work is one of the most rewarding achievements and the UK has an advantage because it has ERSA members.