ASK SETH, which stands for Skills, Employment, Training and Help, is the UK’s first independent collection of online advice and support for a diverse range of people looking for work, and for professionals providing employability support to jobseekers.


We’ve been shortlisted!


Organisations delivering employability services to jobseekers, learners and employers can apply to be listed

What we are asking for

The website is only as powerful as the information it contains, so we are looking for ERSA members to provide us with 2 main pieces of information.  Firstly, we would like delivery locations and where you have an office.  WE NEED TO UNDERSTAND THE FOOTPRINT of  your services – this is crucial in an ASK SETH user finding the appropriate local service. ASK SETH users will enter their town or postcode and the platform will list providers starting with the closest, so we need to know your geographical coverage.

Please provide your delivery locations, ideally as a link to your office locations, plus the contact number for that office/service. 

Secondly, we want to know what you would like your organisation/service to be known for.  For example, if you delivery specialist services to a particular demographic group, or deliver reasonable adjustment support, or anything else. To represent your specialisms, the ASK SETH content management system lists organisations within one main ‘category’ with supporting ‘tags’ to cover other specialisms.  This means an ASK SETH user will not overlook your organisation.

NB these can be changed at any point so don’t worry about committing to a category or tag

There are currently 10 categories on the ASK SETH website, we would like you to select the main one for your organisation.  If other categories are important to you, they can be added as tags so you won’t be misclassified.

The categories are;

  • Advice for Young People
  • Business Support
  • Job Seeking Advice
  • Skills and Training
  • Inclusive Recruitment
  • Care and Support
  • Career Advice
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Kickstart
  • Mental Health
  • Older Workers
  • Supported Employment
  • Start a Business
  • Filling Vacancies

Other tag examples could relate to the groups you support e.g. ex offenders, homeless people, ESOL (a list of tags you can use can be found on the template)

Important: You can only use 3 tags per address – examples on how to fill out the template can be found on the ‘examples’ tab on the spreadsheet. When choosing your tags, consider what individuals and employers will be searching for that best matches your offer! 

Let's get started

  1. First, check to see if your organisation has already been listed by entering the postcode of one of your delivery centre directly onto the platform
  2. If you have been listed, please check the listing represents your organisation fully, are all your employability contracts and provision there? If not email us to discuss and amend. 
  3. If your organisation is NOT listed, Download the ASK SETH information template, complete your details and return to the ERSA Team.
  4. Please promote the platform to all your networks including the individuals and communities you engage with and support (images below can be saved to your local device and used alongside your own news items)
  5. Send any suggestions, ideas or feedback to the ERSA team so we can make continuous improvements and make sure the platform is around for years to come

ASK SETH Toolkit

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  • @ERSA_news #ASKSETH Skills, Employment, Training and Help (SETH) directory officially launches today. The only independent, single source website for jobseekers and employability professionals to access specific, local support:
  • (Site contributor) Proud to announce our involvement in #ASKSETH. A brilliant go-to website where all jobseekers can hear from experts, check out options in their area and take the next step on their employment journey. See us there

Site contributor: internal article/website copy

Here at <company name>, we are proud to be listed on the newly launched ASK SETH website. It offers free, easily retrievable guidance on all aspects of jobseeking and retraining, searchable by postcode, making it a perfect go-to site for everyone.
It offers help tailored to specific needs so whatever a jobseeker’s background, geographic location or career aspirations, ASK SETH covers it all. The site includes a searchable directory of employability providers, including us; videos from industry professionals; and links to all-types of support. 

Our very own <insert name> was filmed for the Employability Voices section talking about <what>. Check them out here:*
Developed by trade body ERSA, this is the first time all of these independent resources have been available free, in one place, and with no signup or membership required. If you or anyone you know wants help to get back to work, just ASK SETH.
*Complete this section if a member of your team has contributed video content to ASK SETH


  • Image 1: Elizabeth Taylor, CEO, ERSA showcases the ASK SETH website for jobseekers
  • Image 2: ASK SETH Employability Voices screen grab

For alternative graphics or formats please email the team. 

Thank you for your support!

The ERSA Team