Message from Aptem Employ, sponsors of ERSA's Digital Forum

As I am sure you are aware, the Restart scheme will provide Universal Credit claimants in England and Wales, who have been out of work for 12 – 18 months, with enhanced support to help them get back into employment.

As a provider, you will have to evidence how you can provide tailored support to participants considering individual and localised needs. You will need to provide clear evidence of maintaining regular communication with your participants through a series of reviews and a SMART action plan. 

Aptem Employ provides enhanced functionality that allows for the dynamic management of a participant’s journey. The system provides best-in-class programme delivery through its sophisticated case-management system and inbuilt Job Finder Action Plan. The Job Finder Action Plan within Aptem Employ is dynamic, editable, and subject to the formal review process.

Full integration between the case management system and the Action Plan allows for a fully automated, dynamic review process which allows you to customise, schedule, facilitate and report on different reviews directly within the system. This removes the need for a time-consuming, open to manipulation, manual review process, and ensures you have full control over what goes on in every type of review. 

All a participant’s job finding activities can be done through Aptem Employ, from job search to eLearning and building a CV. This data is auto-recorded against their Action Plan and provides you with full insights into each participant’s journey, allowing you to create ongoingly tailored and personalised offerings, as requested by DWP. 

Aptem Employ is demonstratively more effective at getting participants back into sustained employment with Jobseekers who use Aptem being  61% more likely to achieve a job outcome of any kind (i.e. 4, 12 or 26 weeks), compared to those who do not. Aptem also provides measurable results that allow you to hit contractual targets.

By allowing Aptem Employ to take away the time-consuming, inefficient manual and administrative processes you:

  • Decrease the administrative effort for your work coaches, which gives potential for increased caseloads.
  • Have access to an automated, structured, and formal review process, which is fully customisable and controlled by you.
  • Give your participants access to the Job Finder Support action plan.
  • Have access to a case management system that is automatically updated by jobseeker activity.
  • Are able to use the data insights captured by Aptem Employ within a jobseeker’s journey to affect a timely and positive outcome. 

If you would like any further information then please contact us and one of my team will be in touch to set up a demonstration of Aptem Employ:

07720 085 580

Kind regards,

Richard Alberg

CEO Aptem Employ