Technology is a core part of the CAEHRS framework
Richard Alberg is Managing Director of Aptem Employ

Digital services are one of the criteria for the Department of Work and Pensions CAEHRS framework for employability procurement. So how can you access the technology you need to ensure a viable bid?

The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) set out a new method for contracting employment services in June 2020. The Commercial Agreement for the provision of Employment and Health Related Services (CAEHRS) is planned to run for up to five years and will be worth £7.5bn.

The purpose of CAEHRS is to create a more efficient and responsive system of procurement and one that will generate a pre-determined list of suppliers who meet the Department’s minimum standards.

There are two tiers of suppliers, based on the size of contract and capacity, ensuring big projects can be delivered while allowing for diversity in the marketplace. The DWP say a third tier is planned for SMEs and VSCEs (voluntary, community and social enterprises) later in the year.


At a market engagement event in June, the DWP outlined eight characteristics a good supplier would need. The following is criterion seven:

“Commitment to increase and improve digital services as part of DWP’s ambition to be the most effective and efficient delivery organisation in the public sector.”

Until recently, employability strategies were primarily based around the long-term unemployed who needed specialist support to re-enter the workforce. In the wake of Covid-19, the UK faces the prospect of significant numbers of recently unemployed ‘work ready’ people who need efficient and targeted assistance to find a new role.

This problem is where technology comes in. Technology is disrupting every sector of the economy, and recruitment and employability are no exception. Technology can offer accessible and flexible training in all aspects of job-seeking as well as advanced job searching and tracking capacity. Integrated as part of an employability programme that includes job coaching and other person-led delivery, technology can offer catch-all services that can empower the large, work-ready population.

But what does the DWP mean when it talks about a commitment to increase and improve digital services? I’d argue it means more than a slightly tweaked case management platform. A viable bidder requires a new approach to digital enablement, one that digitally enables users with the most sophisticated job searching tools while ensuring compliance and progress monitoring.

We know the government is interested in big data. The ability to use data analytics to monitor the progress and success of job seekers in real-time is an absolute must.

So what kind of technology is needed to create a stand out employability bid?

Aptem Employ

The solution to this is where I come in – or more accurately, the product I deliver. Aptem Employ is technology’s response to growing unemployment in the UK and your answer to making a compelling bid.

With Aptem Employ, users can search across all job boards and agencies, assist in CV writing, target the job pages of their favourite employers, track applications and search for their social media skeletons. Aptem Employ’s advice centre has eLearning resources which can help users identify their skills, reframe their mindset, write the best CV, ace their job interview and more.

A SaaS, Microsoft Azure-hosted platform with no software, servers or maintenance required, Aptem Employ offers infinite scalability, cutting edge security and advanced data analytics to track progress and organisational performance.

We know that when job seekers and their providers are given the interactive tools, tracking information and insights to aid their job search, the results are impressive. Aptem Employ:

The sheer volume of work needed to stave off mass unemployment in the Autumn is daunting. But technology can close the circle of need. We know the DWP believes in the power of technology to transform lives. Why not take a look and see if we can help?

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