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“Winning an award is always good for the spirits, and when it’s an award which recognises the value and impact of our employability work, well that makes it all the more special. Last week, my colleague Luke and I went

Last week the Government announced £35 million funding to support new employment schemes across the country. Pilots will be launched in six combined authorities, with the aim of helping over 18,000 people tackle long-term barriers to work and offering support

In a recent study by PwC, it estimated that around 30% of the UK workforce could be replaced by machines. Transport, manufacturing, retail and admin are the areas most at risk, but the ramifications are sure to affect all of us.

There has been a lot of talk regarding the new strict rules that all Apprenticeships after April 2017 have to evidence 20% off the job training, with employers and providers flagging numerous concerns with the rule. I welcome the focus

Today marks a significant moment in UK history with Theresa May formally firing the starting gun for the process of the UK leaving the EU by triggering Article 50. If there is one thing everyone has learned from recent political