See how we support local unemployed residents in North Lanarkshire at our Employability Day 2021 event.

Employability Day is an awareness day for organisations that help local jobseekers gain, sustain and progress in work. It gives organisations such as ours an opportunity to meet local stakeholders and demonstrate what employment support means at the frontline and the impact it is having in the local area. Your attendance would therefore be pivotal to this event and we are also keen to share it with local press and other media.

This year’s theme is ‘tell us about your organisation’ and we want to demonstrate how Routes to Work are helping the North Lanarkshire Community by showing you first-hand a client’s journey with us, and how we help them overcome their barriers back to work. You’ll also hear from our hardworking team who will explain all the resources available to our clients and all the support our clients can expect from us along the way. You’ll also hear about our wider partnerships, how we have adapted our services through the Covid Pandemic and our exciting plans for the future!

Join us in Microsoft Teams on the day from 11am – 12.30pm

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