ERSA Members have been sent joining links for the following Regional CPA Forums, please email us at with queries.

Following on from the Meet the Primes of the DWP’s CAEHRS Framework on Friday 23 October, a series of forums have been set up between 3 – 12 November for ERSA members. You won’t find these meetings on Eventbrite, instead the Microsoft Teams meeting links and an option to save to your own devices has been sent by email. If you haven’t received this, please let us know via

The Regional CPA Forums will provide a space for all ERSA members to come together, virtually of course, to connect and collaborate.

ERSA members have another opportunity to meet the organisations who have been awarded a place on the framework and an equal chance to introduce their own organisation and talk about local delivery. Full and associate members are welcome to attend and take part in these roundtables, a chance to work the virtual room and put faces to those EOIs and emails. It’s the closest we can get to meeting in person, shaking hands and swapping business cards. For everyone to have a chance to speak, we ask each person take no more than 3 minutes. 

Have your say
For the first of each meeting we aim to follow the format below, giving a voice to everyone that wants one, along with a chance to shape future agendas and frequency.

  • Welcome, introduction to ERSA Regional CPA Forum’s and ERSA updates

Elizabeth Taylor, Chief Executive, ERSA

  • Meet the Primes of the DWP CAEHRS Framework
    ERSA member framework organisations will be invited to provide introductions to existing and potential partners for future call-offs
  • Meet local Supply Chains
    Other organisations at the meeting will be invited to introduce organisations
  • Discussion points:
    • Future agenda items
    • Messages for ERSA
    • Future dates
    • Any other Business

Date, time


Tuesday 3 November
2 – 3.30pm

Wales (Lot 6)

Wednesday 4 November

Central England (Lot 1)

Thursday 5 November

10am – 12pm

Scotland (Lot 6)

Extended meeting to incorporate Employment Support Scotland network meeting

Friday 6 November


North East England (Lot 2)

Friday 6 November

In Conversation with the DWP

Monday 9 November

North West England (Lot 3)

Tuesday 10 November
10 – 11.30am

Southern England (Lot 4)

Thursday 12 November


London and Home Counties (Lot 5)

With regret, these meetings are limited to ERSA members only

Information on joining the voice of employment support can be found at

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