National Inclusive Employers Week runs from 26 September to 2 October 2022, Offploy CIC will be delivering a free 1 hour webinar for employers and recruiters to consider ‘How hiring ex-offenders could solve your recruitment headaches’.  Register for the webinar on 27 September, 10am to receive joining instructions, details below.

It’s never been more challenging to hire the right people. There are more vacancies in the UK than people to fill them, but the economic crisis means you can’t fix that simply by offering higher pay. Businesses across the country are looking for alternative ways of sourcing top-flight talent.

Offploy is a social enterprise that helps organisations develop HR and recruitment policies for hiring people with criminal records. They’re on a mission to help UK businesses tap into an overlooked talent pool that contains half a million working-age people struggling to get noticed. It includes future builders, logistics managers, drivers, restaurant staff and many other skills.

On Tuesday 27 September 2022 Offploy will be hosting a free webinar about how hiring ex-offenders can solve recruitment headaches. It’s the first in a series that will help businesses understand the benefits of recruiting from this diverse group as well as the how-to. The series will look at everything from the basics to evidencing the social impact for ESG policies and PR.

If you are looking to recruit a more diverse workforce or know businesses who are you can register for the webinar here. 

Further information:

Free webinar from Offploy: How hiring ex-offenders could solve your recruitment headaches

Date, time: 27 September, 10-11am

Register for joining link:

Celebrating National Inclusion Week
26 September – 2 October

The countdown is on to National Inclusion Week – a golden opportunity for ERSA members to celebrate and promote their efforts to create inclusive workplaces.

Founded by Inclusive Employers, the event is now in its 10th year, and the theme for 2022 is Time to Act: The Power of Now. This theme acknowledges the fact that real change cannot take place without a proactive approach towards inclusion.

So, what sort of action can be taken to create an inclusive workplace? Flexibility is key – whether it’s the introduction of flexible work patterns, or the willingness to make special adjustments to accommodate the individual needs of staff. By creating an inclusive workplace, organisations can attract and retain a diverse range of talent.

Inclusive Employers want to hear about any activities that organisations are doing to promote inclusion. Tag @InclusiveEmployers on LinkedIn and @IncEmp on Twitter and use the hashtag #ThePowerOfNow. For toolkits and to register for webinars, visit National Inclusion Week 2022 | Inclusive Employers

#NationalInclusionWeek2022 #NIW2022 #ThePowerOfNow



It’s National Inclusion Week – the chance to celebrate all those organisations who have committed to creating an inclusive workplace. It’s so important for employers to ensure that all staff, no matter their age, ability, sexuality, gender, ethnicity or religion, feel supported and valued at work.

Organised by Inclusive Employers, the theme for this year’s event, now in its 10th year, is Time to Act: The Power of Now. Talking about inclusion is one thing – but if we’re to bring about real, positive change, we need a proactive approach!

#NationalInclusionWeek2022 #NIW2022 #ThePowerOfNow


We’re so proud to support #NationalInclusionWeek this week. Organised by #InclusiveEmployers, the week celebrates all the positive action being taken to create inclusive workplaces. Everyone should feel valued and supported at work – no exceptions!

#NationalInclusionWeek2022 #NIW2022 #ThePowerOfNow

In case you missed it…

National Inclusion Week 2021:
Nurturing talent and supporting employers through employability programmes
As part of National Inclusion Week (27 September – 3 October 2021), ERSA delivered an online session to showcase the work of the Employability Sector with a particular focus on the offer for employers! Featuring Social Enterprise Kent talking about their pre employment programmes, Public Health England to showcase the IPS model for employers and Genius Within CIC discussing how they support people with hidden disabilities into work and in work support for them and their employers.

Watch on demand
via ERSA’s YouTube Channel, well worth 1 hour 14 minutes of your time