Belina GRoW were recognised in the Mayor of London’s first Adult Learning Awards at an official  ceremony at City Hall on Wednesday 5 October which celebrated the important role of adult learning in London and the achievements of Londoners, employers and training organisations. The Belina team won their award in the Outreach and Engagement of Adults into Learning category.

Liz Sewell FIEP, Founder & Director of Belina Consulting said; “We are so proud to have won The Mayor of London Adult Learning Award and for our work to be recognised in this way and it was fantastic to hear the inspirational stories of the Londoners, employers and training organisations recognised at the ceremony. What is clear is that with everyone now having a 50 Year Career (18-68) we all need to be open to retraining, new learning and opportunities.

The Mayor spoke about the importance of reaching out and bringing more people into learning and his commitment to supporting low paid and unemployed people into work.  At GRoW we know that helping people to regain trust in education and training is a big turning point in thinking about work. And that even a short course can give people the confidence to take bigger and bigger steps forward. Adult Learning is a win win – it makes us more productive and widens our network. It makes us more employable and better paid.

I set up the GRoW Programme 15 years ago as I knew there was so much potential out there for women who wanted to get back to work. During that time we have supported 10,000 women into work by building a community around them where they feel supported to develop, learn new skills and grow.

On behalf of my team I congratulate all the winners for the work they do to help build a better London for everyone.”

Over 200 nominations were received across nine award categories, with award winners and highly commended Londoners being recognised at the ceremony at City Hall. The Awards are a key part of the Mayor’s commitment to raising awareness of adult learning in the capital, and helping Londoners to gain the skills they need for life and work. Adult learning plays a critical role in the Mayor’s mission to build a better London for everyone.

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