Connected Futures grant programme announcement – from Youth Futures Foundation

We are delighted to announce the seven places that will benefit from our ‘Connected Futures’ £16m flagship programme, following our increased funding through the Dormant Assets Scheme. Read more.

The programme will see local partnerships from Blackpool to Lewisham receive funding to review how systems work for young people facing more barriers to employment, to provide them with connected and consistent support to get good jobs.

It was a pleasure to make this announcement in person at our first engagement event in Birmingham last week. We heard from young people and employers about challenges and potential solutions to connecting young people to good jobs.

One of those challenges involves the need to target longer-term investment in frontline and place-based programmes, interventions that prevent young people from becoming NEET in the first place. With the announcement that government is expanding the Dormant Asset Scheme, we need your support.

The consultation is now open. We need your support to secure more investment to get young people from marginalised backgrounds into good jobs. Find out more here about submitting your response.

Matthew Poole
Director of Grants and Investment

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