In June 2022, ERSA’s Policy Officer Andy Morton attended the OECD Local Development Forum in Cork to network with international employability colleagues and thought leaders, to build a partnership for future collaboration. This came as an off-shoot to ERSA’s on-going collaboration with the OECD for their research into public employment service reform in Sweden.  

The Local Employment and Economic Development (LEED) conference 2022 brought together both policy-makers from OECD member countries as well as practitioners. Besides being graced by three Irish cabinet ministers, who spoke at the main plenaries, we also saw a showcasing of youth social entrepreneurship in Ireland. Contributions from the across Europe and North America highlighted some good examples of policies that work to address various problems concerning young people in the economic development context. This addressed those problems created by the effects of ‘brain drain’ of local economies, relationship building between local businesses and education providers like colleges and teaching young people about business development including social business development.  

ERSA will be engaging with the OECD throughout the rest of 2022 and looks forward to the LEED conference in 2023.  

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