ERSA has today published statistics which show that 772,000 people have now started a job with help from the Work Programme. This figure includes over 187,000 young people.

ERSA figures have been released to coincide with the latest labour market statistics which show that the UK has hit a record high of 31.42 million people in work. This achievement has been supported by the strong performance of employment support providers involved in delivering programmes such as the Work Programme.

Kirsty McHugh, ERSA Chief Executive, said:
“Latest ERSA statistics show that the Work Programme has helped a phenomenal 772,000 people move into work. Moving into work can be transformative, making a difference to their lives of those individuals but also that of their families and loved ones, and the communities they live and work in.”

The ERSA statistics, are designed to complement official government statistics which show the number of people who have achieved sustained work with support from the programme, called a job outcome. Statistics showing job outcomes from June 2011 – December 2015 will be published tomorrow.