Today (11 October), the PM has launched a series of measures to tackle barriers facing ethnic minorities in the workplace, including a consultation on ethnicity pay reporting. 

On today’s announcement, ERSA’s Head of Policy Sam Windett says:

“Significant pay disparities still remain between ethnic groups and closing this gap must be a top priority. We therefore welcome today’s announcement of measures which aim to increase the transparency of employer practices within the workplace.

However, it is equally vital to look through the other lens – how people find and move into jobs. While the employment gap between white British and people from ethnic minority backgrounds stands at nearly 12%, quality support is needed within communities to help people enter and progress in work. ERSA’s report, published at the end of this month in partnership with PeoplePlus, will provide community-led, expert recommendations on supporting more people from ethnic minority backgrounds into work. We look forward to working with the Government on these approaches to ensure that employer Charters are matched by community partners, so that everyone gets the right support.”

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