Community Partnership of the Year  – Sponsored by Saffron Interactive 

“It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a community to support an individual. The Community Partnership of the Year category at this year’s ERSA Employability Awards provides much needed recognition of the work frontline advisors, support teams and local communities do every day, assisting those furthest from the market into meaningful careers. The Saffron team are proud to sponsor this award and celebrate the continued hard work across the sector.”     

Saffron Interactive is the developer of the ground-breaking and innovative Create Your Own Future employability support platform.  

For the supported individual, Create Your Own Future is a safe, friendly online environment within which they choose their own digital video-based advisor. That personal advisor ‘converses’ with them, gathering all necessary information, offering advice and help, and then guiding them through their employability journey – and beyond – with prompts and assistance to keep them on track. 

For the IAG advisor, Create Your Own Future is an extension of themselves, taking away much of the ‘legwork’ by enabling their clients to self-direct as far as they can. The platform provides the advisor with insight on an individual’s activity and confidence, enabling them to deliver high value support, collaboration and ‘just in time’ intervention, where necessary.  

For the provider, Create Your Own Future is a solution delivering greater efficiency, consistent quality of service and a wealth of data-insight.  

But for the entire public sector, Create Your Own Future is an adaptable, ‘living’ digital platform that provides the shape of employability solutions for the future, today.  

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Organisations working together to form partnerships that support local communities already furthest from the labour market