Two new organisations are aiming to help unemployed Brits on their journey towards work.

Fedcap Employment and Fedcap Employment Scotland, recently-formed British companies and part of the experienced American not-for-profit organisation The Fedcap Group, have taken over the delivery of major employability programmes across Britain, securing 130 jobs and the continuous delivery of services for thousands of people.

Fedcap Employment has taken over the delivery of the Links to Work programme, funded by the European Social Fund and Department for Work and Pensions. Fedcap Employment Scotland has secured a 51% share in StartScotland, working alongside The Lennox Partnership, which currently delivers the Fair Start Scotland service on behalf of Scottish Government.

Links to Work is a voluntary programme delivered in six regions across England, providing tailored support for people with multiple barriers to work, including those with disabilities, on their journey towards employment.

StartScotland works in the East and South West of Scotland, helping unemployed people find suitable, sustainable jobs through a personalised service.

Fedcap Employment is led by a team of market leaders with more than 20 years of experience delivering employability programmes in Britain. Locally, its frontline teams are experienced professionals committed to building communities. The organisation will be working with like-minded partners through local supply chain networks to deliver effective solutions.

The wider Fedcap Group have 80 years’ experience in delivering tremendous results to break down barriers to societal inclusion and financial wellbeing, working with more than 320,000 people each year.

Brian Bell, Chief Executive Officer of Fedcap Employment and Fedcap Employment Scotland, said: “We’re delighted to be able to help secure the jobs of many people doing amazing work across Britain as we look to support people back to work, or even into work for the first time. We believe that everything is possible, and we’re looking forward to helping people achieve what they want.

“However, this is just the start – we are extremely ambitious and will be building on the experience and success in America to develop and deliver further programmes of support across Britain. We will innovate and help to transform the lives of as many people as possible.”

Grant Collins, President of Fedcap UK, said: “We’re thrilled to be expanding our operations in Britain to widen our global reach. We look forward to working with Brian and his team as we continue to develop opportunities to create measurable change in the communities in which we work.”