Update 6 January: DWP have advised that they have uploaded a number of new documents to the Virtual Data Room (full ITT pack) including the areas for evaluation, evaluation process and instructions to bidders.

Message from the DWP, sent via the eProcurement system, Jaggaer on Friday 18 December.

Hopefully you will already be aware of DWP’s new £2.9 billion Restart scheme, due to launch in Summer 2021 which is due to support over 1 million Universal Credit customers towards employment.

As part of our drive to maximise transparency across our provider market and stakeholder network we are making our commercial tender documentation including the specification, draft contract terms and conditions and other competition details available to all organisations operating in the market, interested parties and key stakeholders.

We hope this will help any potential subcontractors to better understand the service we are looking for and support collaboration across the market and allow stakeholders understand the scope of the service and requirement for local integration and the support we are seeking for our customers on provision.

If you are interested in accessing the documents, for information-only purposes, related to the Programme you can do so through the Department’s Jaggaer procurement tool.  If you do not already have an account please download and follow the instructions here. Once logged into the system, to access the Virtual Data Room, please select the File Sharing icon on the left hand side menu and select Files and Directories from the subsequent expanding menus. You will then be able to access the Virtual Data Room by selecting ‘Restart Virtual Data Room’.

Please note we will not be inviting comments or questions on these documents and should you ask questions please do not be offended when we do not answer them.

Commercial Agreement for Employment and Health Related Services


Restart Programme


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