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Get in touch with the ERSA team to gain access to the webinar series and online community via Price’s start from £50 plus VAT, please email with our organisation turnover from the previous 12 months from Employment Support. 

The final webinars of the Building Partnerships are now scheduled and the special interst groups are starting on Monday 27 July. 

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These webinars will be virtual networking events, the alternative to talking tables at a conference. From these relationships will be formed.

The webinars are scheduled to cover the DWP CAEHRS lots, for providers who deliver in an area to meet each other explain what they deliver and any specialisms, and to meet people aspiring to manage contracts in that area.

These are introductions not just for CAEHRS but for all future local, place-based commissioning.

There are also short webinars on customer groups, to meet people from organisations across the UK, to explain what you deliver, what you could deliver, and develop partnerships and collaborations. These sessions can link into future DWP DPS/Flexible Support Fund, UKSPF and other funding.

A register of attendance and interest will be available after the events to all the Building Partnerships community. The full calendar with joining links is available via the community hub. 

Special interest Groups

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ERSA’s Chief Executive, Elizabeth Taylor invites your organisation to be part of the Building Partnership online community.

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