Latest labour market statistics, published by the Office for National Statistics, show that unemployment in the UK has fallen to 6%, down from 7.6% for the year earlier .

Such positive figures show that the hard work of jobseekers and their employment support advisers is really paying off. Providers use a variety of methods to support jobseekers in their journey into employment. From skills training in IT, English and Maths to confidence building classes and specialist support, tailored to each jobseeker’s individual requirements. A key part of this support is quality work experience which can help people develop new skills, add to their CV and build confidence in their own abilities. It also helps people decide what is right for them as much as allowing employers to see if people are the right fit for a job. Many work experience opportunities lead on to a job offer with that employer, if an opportunity opens up.

Kirsty McHugh, ERSA Chief Executive, said:

“Behind the latest employment statistics lies the fact that the Work Programme has changed the lives of 600,000 formerly long term unemployed jobseekers by supporting them into work. Each of these is an individual success story – the result of the commitment and determination of jobseekers, helped by their advisers, to improve their lives and that of their families.”