We all know how important having a safe and secure home is. But for too many people leaving prison this has seemed an impossible dream for too long.

Around a thousand people are released from prison homeless every month, held back from accessing support, getting a job, or moving on in their lives and away from crime. And for people released homeless, the risk of committing another crime is significantly higher.

To reduce reoffending and give people the best chance at a second chance we need to do more. Support introduced during COVID-19 to help people leaving prison at risk of homelessness is due to come to an end in the next few weeks. And even during COVID-19, far too many people have been released from prison with nowhere to stay.

But this isn’t inevitable. By removing the barriers and providing the right support we can give people the chance they need to create a better life for themselves and their families and to reduce reoffending.

The first step is for the government to guarantee that everyone leaving prison will have somewhere to live. It’s time to give people the best chance at a second chance.

#CellStreetRepeat #BreakTheCycle #ARoofForAll