A new employment programme aimed at supporting people with health conditions find a job and stay in work, has launched by Fedcap.

Inspiring Futures, delivered by not-for-profit organisation Fedcap on behalf of Cheshire East Council, offers personalised support for people who are economically inactive and would like support to get back into the workplace.

The programme will assess people, looking at what they can do, and promote them and their skills to local employers. Once people secure roles, which may be paid or voluntary depending on the individual, Fedcap continues to support them, working hand in hand with employers to meet any needs the individual has in order for them to stay in work.

Brian Bell, Fedcap CEO, said: “We’re really pleased to be working with Cheshire East Council on this exciting new project to support economically inactive people into sustainable employment.

“We understand the difficulties people face when looking for work and staying in a job. Our Inspiring Futures programme can help people find work that suits their circumstances and ensure work contributes to them enjoying a healthy life.”

The programme is open to people in Cheshire East aged 16+ who have a health condition which impacts on them looking for or staying in a job and aren’t currently receiving any benefits that require them to look for work.

For more information visit www.fedcap.org.uk/inspiringfutures