Prior Notice of DWP Tier 3 and Flexible Support Fund Dynamic Purchasing System 2 (FSF DPS 2)  –  Market Engagement Activity
Tier 3 Background
As you are aware the DWP has recently concluded the CAEHRS (Tier 1 & 2) competition, which is a Framework style agreement for Employment and Health Related Services.  This is intended as the primary commercial vehicle for DWP Employment Provision over the next 5 years.  It is replacing the existing agreement which runs out in January 2021.
You will recall that the original CAEHRS design included a third tier, however following feedback from market engagement activity it was decided that Tier 1 and Tier 2 would be included in the recent competition.   DWP are currently considering the design of Tier 3 which they expect will predominately be focussed at the VCSE, SME and specialist organisations within the Employment market.  
FSF DPS 2 Background
The DWP Dynamic Purchasing System for provision of work-focused activities known as the Flexible Support Fund DPS (FSF DPS) was established in 2016 and was introduced to provide a much quicker route to market for the procurement of smaller scale, local provision to support claimants into work and is used to undertake all commercial activities for procuring provision for FSF.   FSF DPS 2 is the replacement for FSF DPS, which is due to expire in October 2021.
Next Steps
As a result, the DWP are looking to commence early market engagement activity for Tier 3 and FSF DPS 2, to seek feedback and ideas on the development of these projects.   This will provide the opportunity for the market to input into the design of both of these future initiatives.
The first stage of the market engagement activity is the issue of a Survey which will be available to access on Citizen Space on or around 30 October 2020. 
Make sure you are registered on Jaggaer
The Survey link will be sent to organisations via a Jaggaer broadcast message.   The message will be sent to email boxes of organisations that are registered in Jaggaer.   The message will come from the following e-mail address   Where the DWP hold any organisations contact details, that have previously expressed an interest in DWP competitions, but haven’t registered on Jaggaer those contacts will advise them about the survey via e-mail.

The DWP has recognised aligned timescales with other Surveys across the Employment Category therefore the Survey that will be issued will also include questions on the following areas;

This approach has been taken to help the market and to avoid confusion by issuing multiple Surveys with competing timelines.
Please note that there is the ability to save and go back to the survey, so there is no need to complete it all in one go.
The Survey will be open until 20 November 2020. ERSA encourages our members to complete the Survey and contribute to shaping the future designs of these initiatives.
If you have any problems accessing or finding the Survey there will be a dedicated in-box to contact the DWP