It is now just over two weeks since the announcement of Working Links going into administration following issues with their rehabilitation contracts. While the industry sees frequent change and mergers this was shocking news and we are well aware of the worrying impact this collapse has had on a number of our members, particularly sub-contractors with outstanding payments for services. 

The administrators, Turpin Barker Armstrong, have now written to all creditors. Queries on outstanding claims and process can be addressed to

It has now been confirmed that the administrator has, with effect from 26 February 2019, appointed Fedcap Employment Ltd as the new supplier who will be taking over the 6 Working Links ESF contracts and their Umbrella Agreement for Health and Employment Related Services contract.

The newly appointed Chief Operating Officer, Dan McCormack has written to all sub-contractors for these ESF contracts. Dates for partner forums are to be announced over the coming weeks to explain the new companies approach. The new company will take time to set up. In the meantime, you can contact Dan at if you have further queries.

DWP have informed us the administrator has not made them aware of any firm interest in the remaining DWP contracts, Work Programme and Work Choice telling us, “As Working Links (Employment) is unable to meet the contractual requirements for these contracted provisions, DWP has deemed that the company has made a request to terminate the contracts with effect of 28 February 2019, and on this occasion, the DWP has chosen to accept that termination request.”

Please get in touch if you have any questions.