As Universal Credit (UC) continues to be rolled out in London, many voluntary and community sector organisations are working hard to deliver the right support for their beneficiaries. Together with others, the Greater London Authority (GLA) has identified many challenges – especially for disabled Londoners. This work is aimed at identifying those gaps so that the GLA can help the sector to better support their beneficiaries claiming UC.   

We would be grateful if you could complete this survey – it should take about 10 minutes – and/or pass it on to any other relevant organisations in London. We would also be grateful if you could pass the survey on to your local network, as we are keen to learn about how community organisations support people claiming Universal Credit in different London boroughs.  It’s probably best for someone with operational insight to complete it.   

Your answers will be used to inform the GLA’s support for the voluntary and community sector supporting disabled Londoners. 

Please contact Dalia Ben-Galim at if you would like more information and / or a different format. 

The survey will close on Friday 14th February.  

Further information:

Low Income Londoners Project

Equality and Fairness Team