On 15 November, the Trades Union Congress (The TUC) are hosting a free to attend conference focused on ‘Supporting Older Workers to Plan, Progress and Prosper in the Labour Market’.

ERSA members Saffron Interactive have been working with the TUC in relation to one of the key projects that will be incorporated during the event.

The project is titled ‘Value My Skills’ and is centred on the Mid-Life Skills Review (MLSR). You’ll see mention of it in the overview via the link below, but the innovative project has been gaining traction and it’s delivery can form a critical aspect of ensuring the millions of adults across Europe have the skills they need to achieve positive employment outcomes.

You can find more details regarding the event, location and agenda in the link here – https://www.tuc.org.uk/events/supporting-older-workers-plan-progress-and-prosper-labour-market

Further information:

Saffron Interactive is the developer of the ground-breaking and innovative Create Your Own Future employability support platform.

For the supported individual, Create Your Own Future is a safe, friendly online environment within which they choose their own digital video-based advisor. That personal advisor ‘converses’ with them, gathering all necessary information, offering advice and help, and then guiding them through their employability journey – and beyond – with prompts and assistance to keep them on track.

For the IAG advisor, Create Your Own Future is an extension of themselves, taking away much of the ‘legwork’ by enabling their clients to self-direct as far as they can. The platform provides the advisor with insight on an individual’s activity and confidence, enabling them to deliver high value support, collaboration and ‘just in time’ intervention, where necessary.

For the provider, Create Your Own Future is a solution delivering greater efficiency, consistent quality of service and a wealth of data-insight.

But for the entire public sector, Create Your Own Future is an adaptable, ‘living’ digital platform that provides the shape of employability solutions for the future, today.

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