On Monday 8th June, the Employment Related Services Association (ERSA) launched Building Partnerships, a series of online events to bring the employment support sector together.

The intension is to prepare the sector for the challenges ahead both now and as we build economic recovery, making sure the employment support sector is ready to support and serve high numbers of job seekers, people who are used to being in work, young people and those long term unemployed that were our focus pre Covid-19.

ERSA will be bringing organisations and the sector’s key personnel together to build lasting relationships – for future collaboration, partnerships and contractual relationships.

As we launch Building Partnerships future contract procurement has not been announced, but we know this will soon occur, commissioners want the employment support sector to be ready and Building Partnerships aim is to ensure all organisations however large or small are engaged and prepared.

We expect future commissioning to be national and to be local. There will also be specific customer groups.

Building Partnerships is designed to bring organisations with common interests together, be that geographies or specialist groups.

On Friday 12 June we will launch with details of these common interest networking webinars and establishment of the Building Partnership on line community.

In the following weeks ERSA will bring people together, you will be provided will a template to illustrate what your organisation offers and ERSA will build a portfolio.

Alongside this networking ERSA has invited commissioners to present to the sector when they are ready to outline their plans. There is also a Thought Leadership series of webinars on policy development.

Building Partnerships will develop and evolve throughout June, July and August.


Email is at events@ersa.org.uk to book your places now

Elizabeth Taylor
Chief Executive
Employment Related Services Association (ERSA)