The Work and Pensions Select Committee has announced that it will be holding an inquiry into Employment and Support Allowance and Work Capability Assessments as part of its inquiry the Committee is currently taking evidence from stakeholders. ERSA is keen to respond to the committee and is therefore asking members to submit their views to inform the ERSA submission to the Select Committee.

By way of background the Committee inquiry into ESA and WCA will look at  delivery of  the WCA, its effectiveness, the process and criteria for procuring new providers of the WCA, and the appeals process. The inquiry follows four independent reviews commissioned by DWP, additional reports from interest bodies and intense media speculation over the effectiveness of the review and the future of the provision.

A number of key issues have been identified for feedback which are set out below. 

Scope of the inquiry

1. The effectiveness of the WCA in indicating whether claimants are fit for work including:

2. The process and criteria for procuring new providers of the WCA

3. The ESA entitlement decision-making process and reconsideration and appeals process

4. The impact of time-limiting contributory ESA and outcomes for people undertaking a WCA assessment

5. The interaction between ESA and Universal Credit implementation