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Seetec Pluss are delighted to be opening their offices across the UK in celebration of National Employability Day and beyond! Open to all, attendees can expect a warm welcome with an opportunity to meet the teams, partners, employers and find

Employability Day is on Friday 17 June 2022 and is a UK wide campaign for the Employment Support Sector! Tell ERSA what you’re planning! See below for this year’s toolkit which includes; Briefing and key messages ERSA quotes for media

Employability Day, 30 April 2021, is the UK’s largest celebration for organisations supporting often disadvantaged people to gain, sustain and progress in work. Led by the Employment Related Services Association (ERSA), it’s an annual opportunity for the employability sector to

With the latest ONS employment figures showing that between December 2020 to February 2021, an estimated 1.67 million people were unemployed, up 311,000 on the same period the previous year, the Covid-19 pandemic has hit jobseekers hard.  National Employability Day

Tell us about your organisation for Employability Day! ERSA is developing a provider platform for the employment support sector Separate to the ERSA website and our new digital offer, this is a platform developed by the sector, for the sector,

On Friday 26 June 2020, organisations supporting local people to gain, sustain and progress in work will come together to celebrate Employability Day. Coordinated by the Employment Related Services Association (ERSA), hundreds of businesses, charities and other bodies usually open