People who are homeless may have extremely complex barriers to employment and therefore need access to very intensive employment support.

They are more likely to be considered at risk of becoming long term unemployed than other groups and therefore the government has put in place special provision to allow early access to the Work Programme. Support is also available from a range of specialist providers, many of whom are found in the voluntary sector, who have non-Work Programme funding. 

ERSA’s stance

ERSA works closely with its members to understand how existing provision is catering for the needs of people who are homeless and what might need to be adapted in the short and long term. We are an active member of the Crisis Welfare Network and help to support those organisations delivering employment services to homeless people. Our Supply Chain Forum is open to all ERSA members and takes practical steps to improve supply chain relationships between prime and subcontractors.

Last year ERSA held a roundtable open to all members to discuss homelessness and employment support. Findings from this roundtable were used to inform ERSA’s key recommendations for future employment support for the long term unemployed.