New Procurement Regulations – what this means for employment support (test)

The new Procurement Act will have a profound impact on the employability and skills sectors and potentially change the way public sector commissioners procure contracts. They will now have greater autonomy and flexibility to choose the way they award contracts either through a competitive process or one of their own design. The language in the Procurement Act is symbolic and points to a new approach to procurement. Awards will now be based on the most “Advantageous Tender” (MAT), as opposed to the “Most Economically Advantageous Tender (MEAT)”

What does this mean for Employability and skills providers?

Feedback from Commissioners suggests a higher weighting being given to specific areas relating to:
Delivering social value
Evidencing service integration to compliment place shaped policies and initiatives
Demonstrating a performance track record
Higher levels of due diligence and scrutiny to ensure bid commitments are realistic and achievable
Greater use of competitive dialogue and presentations as part of the wider bidding process
This event is designed to examine the implications in more detail and explore the impact this will have on providers and commissioners.

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Slides and hand-outs from the meeting