With thanks to the support of Youth Futures Foundation from 2020-2023, the Youth Employment Forum is open to all organisations working to support young people towards and into decent work and opportunities.
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Youth Hubs Forumsupported by Youth Futures Foundation
Open to all organisations with an interest in better youth services and delivery.

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ERSA’s Youth Employment Events

Please get in touch if you have an agenda item or something to share around Youth Hubs to the team via policy@ersa.org.uk. Please save the dates for future forums – 1st Wednesday in the month (excluding August), all at 10am – 12pm.

Podcast series on ‘Tackling Youth Unemployment’ from Youth Futures Foundation
In this podcast series, Youth Futures Foundation, will be joined by experts, practitioners, policy makers and young people to discuss the issue of youth unemployment. She’ll explore key areas affecting young peoples’ employment outcomes, whilst delving into the crux of Youth Futures’ work, showcasing their newest research tool, the Evidence and Gap map. Read more

Impetus: Youth Jobs Gap – NEET Dashboards

Guardian: Black youth unemployment: closing the gaps in job opportunities

Blog: The Youth Employment Group reflect on a terrible year for young people


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12 December, watch on demand

7 September, watch on demand here and download the slides and supporting materials below.

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Youth Futures Foundation

Infrastruture Grants – open now

Evidence and Gap Map 


Youth Endowment Fund: YEF Toolkit
An overview of existing research on approaches to preventing serious youth violence

Youth Hubs – What Works (IES) – slides

GMCA: GM ESF and Youth Employment  – slides

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Youth Employment Forum – 27 May, 2-4pm

Good Work and Opportunities for All
On 22 April, ERSA supported by the Youth Futures Foundation delivered a series of virtual sessions for delivery organisations. Catch up here.

We are Rising to the Youth Employment Challenge #YE220221

On Monday 22 February, ERSA supported by Youth Futures Foundation delivered a one day virtual conference bringing together commissioners, youth policy experts and grassroot delivery organisations. Along with the voices of young people a summary and resources from the day can be found here. 

The ERSA Employability Awards 2020, more details here https://staging.ersa.org.uk/ERSAAwards20

2020’s winner: The Prince’s Trust

The Prince’s Trust works in partnership with NHS Scotland to expand opportunities for sustainable youth employment within the health service, supporting the recruitment and retention of entry level clinical, social care, and non-clinical roles. Since October 2018, The Trust have helped unlock young talent, many of whom never felt confident enough or believed they had the necessary skills or qualifications to apply for a job with the NHS, to provide accessible employability pathways into the health service that will ultimately support the sustainability of the NHS workforce.

Also highly commended in this category

2019’s winner: East London Business Alliance (ELBA) – The Parity Project

The Parity Project connects Young Black Men to sustainable employment in corporate sectors.  During its pilot phase (Oct 17 – Oct 18), the project engaged 100 young men and supported over half (52) participants into sustainable professional careers, as well as a further 14 into internships and work placements.  Parity facilitated employability interventions and job brokerage with leading firms in Canary Wharf and the City, enabled impactful relationships via the Parity Mentoring programme and networking events.

Youth Employment Group
ERSA is a member of this group, more details can be found at https://impetus.org.uk/youth-employment-group including ways you can contribute.

Kickstart roundtable with the DWP and next steps