Author: Geoff Sheridan

Labour Market Statistics – Extra Update, October 2022   This briefing is an addendum to ERSA’s usual monthly Labour Market Briefing (LMB) which provides our members with the latest labour market data and policy and research updates. In particular, it

Original twitter thread by Tony Wilson, Director, IES here in response to government’s press release ‘Half a million benefit claimants get jobs in under 6 months’. See also Elizabeth Taylor’s response in January Way to Work: “Any job now” is

As stated in the UKSPF Prospectus, lead local authorities should now be engaging with local stakeholders in preparation for the investment plan submission window, which opens on 30 June 2022. Some lead local authorities have been incredibly proactive since the

More job openings than unemployed people for the first time in 50 years May 17, 2022 Response to the UK Shared Prosperity Fund: Prospectus April 13, 2022 ERSA’s UK Shared Prosperity Fund Statement March 23, 2022 Linking skills and employability

ERSA members are recruiting! Find your next role in Employability The Fedcap Group – Employment Adviser – Basingstoke Twin Group – Employer Support Consultant – Leicester The Lennox Partnership – Employability Coach – Clydebank Seetec Pluss – Employment, Training and

ICOS – The Wise Steps Programme gives Robert the support and motivation to find work in his home town July 27, 2021 ICOS – Wise Steps Programme supports refugees towards work July 27, 2021 ICOS – Andrius finds support to