ERSA member ‘4-22 Foundation’ proud to have supported 250 young people in 2021-2022. Read their full annual report


Letter from the ‘4-22 Foundation’ chair and co-founder


In 2021 we reached, supported and raised the aspirations of over 250 children and young people in Haringey and Enfield.

The outcomes and impact of our work with these young people are summarised in this document. These include helping young people into paid, full-time work and raising the academic attainment of local children.

Since Sam, Gavin and I founded the organisation in 2019, we have worked hard to offer an innovative and holistic programme of support to young people where we are based in Tottenham, and across Haringey and Enfield. Working with our committed team of project-delivery personnel, directors and volunteers, we have been able to provide young people with services including academic support, mentoring, employability training and counselling.

We ran five projects in 2021, offering a variety of services to young people from our local community. We have supported people in primary school and secondary school, as well as young adults entering the world of work for the first time. We take pride in the fact that our work takes an individual and personalised approach to every young person that we engage with.

This has allowed us to have a powerful impact on those that we engaged in the past year.

As I mentioned, 4-22 Foundation succeeded in engaging over 250 young people in 2021. Our impact includes several concrete outcomes, including helping over 130 young people into paid work and helping 40 primary school aged children increase their test scores. We also achieved hundreds of soft outcomes. Our employability training programmes help young people become more prepared to enter paid work, and our career workshops help young people raise their aspirations.

These outcomes support our long-term vision for young people in Tottenham to have a brighter future through increased social mobility. Our work in 2021 increased confidence and raised their aspirations, making their long-term goals more achievable.

4-22 Foundation was also recognised by award bodies in 2021. We were chosen as one of NatWest and LOCALiQ’s Top 100 South-East Businesses 2021, one of only six Community-Focussed Businesses to be recognised. We were also Highly Commended in the Community Organisation Newcomer of the Year category at the Haringey Community Impact Awards 2021 in November.


Rex Bourne