The Centre for Ageing Better has today launched a literature review report entitled “Doddery but dear? Examining age-related stereotypes”

The literature review finds that the UK attitudes to ageing are overwhelmingly negative, with older people subject to a litany of damaging stereotypes. Negative stereotypes are rife in the workplace, in health and social care and in the media, with women and people from black and minority ethnic groups facing double jeopardy of discrimination

Later life needs to be recognised as much a time of diversity as any other age. We must readdress the balance and encourage more realistic depictions of ageing in traditional media, social media and policy-making circles.

This summary literature review fits into a broader programme of work the Centre for Ageing Better are conducting looking at how we can help shift the narrative on age and ageing in order to combat ageism.

Download the full report here. 

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