Changes to BRAVO

This note sets out further commercial details which apply to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), Employment and Health Related Test & Learn Dynamic Purchasing System (T&L DPS). See Annex 1 for background to the T&L DPS.

The T&L DPS is currently operated through BRAVO in PQQ_28804. From 15:00 on the 23rd March 2020 PQQ_28804 will close and from 27th March 2020 the T&L DPS will be transferred to be run through PQQ_28831.

The new PQQ has been created with enhanced system functionality and as part of this upgrade we are also launching a number of additional service lines to support the future Test and Learn pipeline.

All existing submissions from suppliers will be automatically migrated to the new PQQ within BRAVO. Therefore if you are already accredited there is no impact on your supplier submission as a result of this transfer and no specific action required. Equally, please note all existing and future tender exercises from the T&L DPS are UNAFFECTED by this upgrade.

New Service Lines

The T&L DPS was launched with a limited number of service lines to support strategic intent and future call-off opportunities. As a result of new upcoming requirements the department are now updating the T&L DPS specification to launch additional service lines for organisations to be accredited against. Further detail on the opportunities and additional service lines can be found at Annex 1.

We are therefore inviting interested suppliers to submit their application to be accredited on the T&L DPS  for the following additional service lines;

Action to be taken

You must submit your application and be accredited against the new service lines to be eligible to receive the ITTs in relation to future projects and procurements.

If you have already been accredited to the T&L DPS, you are able to update your application to apply to be accredited against the new service line.

To be accredited onto the DPS you must be registered and apply through BRAVO: you have accessed BRAVO, all associated tender documents including Instructions are contained in PQQ_ 28831. You also have the opportunity to submit queries via the BRAVO messaging system once you have registered interest.

Employment Related Services Association (ERSA) is also available to provide BRAVO registration support for their members, please contact the membership team via

Next Steps

In light of current events, we are now intending to conduct a series of webinars available from later on in the year to provide detail on the additional service lines and the future DWP Test and Learn pipeline.  Further details will be communicated when available and updates also placed on the Test and Learn DPS GOV.UK site.

Test and Learn DPS GOV.UK

The launch of the initial projects of these additional service lines will then be communicated to accredited suppliers (only) in due course. To note if you are not accredited on the appropriate service line at the point of issuing the Invitation to Tender (ItT) you will not be eligible to bid for these projects. However you can apply at any point an would be able to apply and be considered when registered should there be any future projects.

Communications Note 2 – Launch of replacement PQQ on BRAVO & Launch of additional Service Lines – download here (Word document)