ERSA has today welcomed the inaugural statistics release for Fair Start Scotland, the country’s newly devolved employment support service. The programme is available on a voluntary basis to those facing barriers to entering work. 

Whilst the figures show promise, the programme has only be running for six months and it is too early to draw any significant conclusions. Figures will be released on a quarterly basis going forward and developed as the programme progresses. 

Commenting on today’s figures, ERSA’s CEO, Kirsty McHugh, said:

‘Fair Start Scotland providers are working tirelessly to make a success of the country’s first largescale devolved employment support service. Organisations across a range of sectors are partnering to deliver dynamic and innovative new approaches to support people furthest from the labour market into work.  Whilst we will have to wait for the long term programme to progress before we can assess its performance, it is helpful to see how many people have begun their journeys into employment.’