ERSA has today released the latest round of job start figures, for the period of January-March 2017. These show that 833,000 people have now gained some work through the scheme, whilst the number of young people gaining work has passed the 200,000 mark for the first time.

The full report can be accessed here.

Welcoming the report Kirsty McHugh, ERSA Chief Executive, said:

‘Although the Work Programme is now closed for referrals there are still a significant number of jobseekers gaining support from the scheme. As such it is important that we continue to report on its progress in helping people into sustained employment.

‘The Work Programme has been a major public service for the last five years as shown by the 833,000 people – the vast majority of whom had been longterm unemployed – who have gained work through the scheme. As the Government moves to replace this and other programmes with much slimmed down back to work support, we must keep a close eye on whether the jobseekers who need support the most are gaining access to what they require.’