Working Together

Partnership of the Year Award

• The Platform and DWP – nominated by Blackpool Council

Showcasing expertise in areas such as health, housing, training, finance, and rehabilitation, in addition to referral organisations, this award recognises the invaluable contribution of partners in reaching and delivering specialist services to jobseekers as part of a subcontracted or partnership agreement.

Our sponsor says: “The Partnership of the Year award seeks to recognise an exemplar group of organisations delivering employment support directly to jobseekers as part of a collaborative effort. At The Digital College, we pride ourselves in the partnerships we work so hard to build, and therefore we are delighted to be associated with this award. We would like to congratulate all the organisations that joined forces and had a strong collaboration that improved and changed people lives in so many aspects.”

About the winner

The Platform and DWP – nominated by Blackpool Council

In January 2022, Blackpool Council in partnership with Blackpool Jobcentre Plus set up a new service to help young people move into work, education or training. The Platform is a hub providing essential job-search resources and employment advice. To date, it has supported more than 800 young people.

The 2023 finalists:

  • Seetec and The Good Things Foundation
  • The Achieve CFO3 Discovery Wing – nominated by Career Connect
  • WorkTrain Greenwich – nominated by Unity Works
  • Serco and The Sharan Project
  • Remploy Fair Start Scotland and HMP Addiewell Prison
  • The Platform and DWP – nominated by Blackpool Council

About our sponsor

Established in 2011, The Digital College designs, develops and delivers accredited online vocational training courses.

Helping people into new jobs can require a lot of support in different forms. Whether standalone or as part of a programme blended with staff support, online learning can provide valuable resources for people wishing to widen job opportunities or expose alternative employment aims. The learning can take the form of three complementary approaches: skills training; general advice and support; and familiarisation with industry requirements. These approaches can significantly reduce the challenge of securing suitable employment and enhances the chances of progression within that role.