Our 300+ members are proud to offer employability support that puts people first, helping to tackle long-rooted issues in the UK labour market whilst delivering savings on the public purse. Through ERSA membership, our providers have forged connections, shared learning, and subsequently bettered the support available to jobseekers. All of our members are Working for Better Work.

Introducing the four pillars of our strategy

Inclusive, innovative and inspiring employment support


The wraparound, holistic support which ERSA members provide to individuals is the most important and life-changing work that the employability sector does. Over a number of decades, whilst reacting to ever-changing external factors, the sector has again and again adapted to changing circumstances and kept jobseekers at the forefront of our thinking.

The coronavirus pandemic was a prime example of how the sector had to quickly adjust but continued to achieve positive outcomes for hundreds of thousands of people. ERSA members work in hard-to-reach communities, often with very vulnerable people, making sure that no one is left behind and ensuring that people are not just placed into ‘any job’, but a job that suits their circumstances, skillsets, and ambitions.

Securing great value for taxpayers

By supporting the effective delivery of both nationally and locally commissioned programmes, ERSA members have moved millions of people into meaningful work. Our members have consistently outperformed targets on national programmes such as the Work Programme, the Work & Health Programme, and the Restart Scheme, as well as locally delivered European Social Funded projects. When supporting skills development and promoting good work, ERSA members have moved people out of poverty and away from state support, making huge savings to the public purse.


Creating solutions for a fairer labour market

The people that ERSA members support often need to overcome several complex barriers on their journey into work. These people often come from groups who currently experience disadvantages in the labour market and face lower employment rates than their counterparts, but ERSA members have continually supported these groups over these barriers and into meaningful jobs. By working in communities and continuing to support people after they’ve entered employment, ERSA members help to tackle entrenched issues in the labour market and make the world of work a more just place.

Sustaining nationwide communities of good practice
The employability sector is committed to working together, sharing ideas, and learning from each other in order to provide the best possible support for jobseekers throughout the UK.. ERSA provides a variety of avenues for our members to do this, through our in-person or virtual forums and annual conferences. Our forums focus on a variety of topics such as young people; health, disability & work; self-employment; and employer engagement. The in-person regional meetings give our members the opportunity to hear from different local commissioners and forge partnerships with other providers in their geographical area. Finally, the annual ERSA conference and awards brings together the expertise of the sector and celebrates the successes of the previous year.